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"So don't sit on the sidelines, come on out and join us. Life is short.
You don't want to reach the end and realize to your horror that you've never done anything irresponsible." ~ Art Doyle
Please visit the Art Doyle Memorial section 

Important News:  Busa Bushwhack Trail race November 2, 2014 Day
-- Race full; registration is now closed. --
GFRC members running for charitable causes need your support!
Upcoming Events:  10/29: 6:15 pm Track Workout @ Bowditch Field
11/02: 9:00 am pm Trail Race Busa Bushwhack Trail Race Framingham, MA
11/05: 6:15 pm Track Workout @ Bowditch Field
What's New:  10/27:  October general race results updated; Pam's Run photos posted
10/23:  Groton 9.5 Mile Trail Race Grand Prix results posted
10/20:  Pam's Run 10k Grand Prix results posted