Our workouts & fun runs are geared for all runners regardless of age, experience or ability.  Our members have different levels of fitness and experience and workouts are often divided into groups based on speed and/or distance.  Be assured, if you join a group run, there will be someone to run with you!
During the warmer months (usually March through December), GFRC Track workouts take place Wednesday evenings, 6:15pm at Bowditch Field.  The exception is during Summer Track weeks (June - August), the regular track workouts are moved to Tuesday evenings.  Check the Calendar for updates to the schedule, including what workouts will be done.

Wednesday nights, June - August. All ages, all abilities.  The events included in each of the meets include: 50 meter dash, 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 400 meter dash, 800 meter dash and 1 mile distance events as well as long jump, softball throw and a 400 meter relay. All events, whenever practicable, are staged in age-graded and often gender-segregated heats. This system facilitates organization of the simplest and often fairest competition among the hundreds of competitors.   See our Summer Track page for more info.

MONTHLY MEETING FUN RUNS (and breakfast!):
Before each of the monthly meetings, starting at the host's home, there will be a fun run.  Often there are several groups that will venture out and run varying lengths.  At the end of the run, before the meeting, breakfast is provided by the Club.  Check the Calendar for dates/locations!


Members, check the
Calendar on the website and also the GFRC Facebook Page to see when others are organizing group runs, or to see when Group Run organizers are needed.  All official group runs will be published to the calendar on the website at least one week in advance.

Some group runs on the road will start at 8:30am from Brophy School.  The route nicknamed Terrible Ten is often a favorite (and not really as bad as it sounds).  There's also a  16-mile route mapped out for those wanting something even longer.  Other group runs will start from pre-determined locations.

Most group trail runs will be in Callahan State Park, starting either at the Millwood parking lot, or Edmands Road lot at 8 or 8:30am (though sometimes earlier to accommodate schedules or distances).  There are various routes, but often the 5.3 mile or 10 mile Busa Bushwhack routes are run, and sometimes more!

Non-GFRC members who are interested in joining a group run, please email for more information.

Often during peak marathon training seasons (both for Fall Marathons and for Boston), runners will post in the 
GFRC Facebook Page looking for company on long runs.  These informal sessions are a good way to get to know the other members of the Club and to help get through those tough longer runs of marathon training!

A few times throughout the year there will be other organized fun runs.  Keep your eye on the website and for forum posts detailing these events.

Please see our safe winter running page