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Uniforms & Ordering FAQ Page

1. Is there an official GFRC club uniform? 
Yes, the latest version of our uniform is a yellow top (singlet, short or long sleeve T-shirt). Shirts are silk-screened with our blue and yellow GFRC logo. We currently use ASICS merchandise for all of our shirt purchases made at reasonable costs. Members are encouraged to wear their uniforms. At grand prix races, members must wear club uniforms to receive points. So come on out and "represent" GFRC by wearing your GFRC shirts! We also have GFRC white or light grey running hats and fleece beanies for the winter season. Very soon, we will add 1/4 zip fleece and outer shell into our selection. Keep checking our uniform page as our selection and inventory change frequently.

2. How do I purchase a uniform?   

Directly from the Uniform Director who is usually at most club events or check the uniform page on our website to see if the item you wish to purchase is in inventory. If it is, just complete the order form and follow the delivery and payment instructions on the form. If the size/style item you want is not in inventory, let the Uniform Director know so that it can be purchased with our next order.

3.  Are there any tips on ordering? 
look through the pictures on the inventory list on the uniform web page to see what you like and talk to members about recommendations. You can always try on available selections in inventory. Just ask the Uniform Director and arrangements can be made.

4. Why do I see other style type uniforms? 
GFRC is a well established club and many of our members have long standing memberships. They have been around for changes and updates in the uniform selections. The variety of uniforms just makes us look more interesting. 

5. How do I get my uniform once ordered? 
There are many ways. The Uniform Director has been known to deliver uniforms at weekly track sessions, summer track, grand prix races, club meetings, club events or delivered to your house if you live close by. Of course there is always snail mail if you are willing to include $4 for postage and packaging with your payment.

6. Will I look slim in my new singlet?  Yes! You will look marvelous! Simply marvelous!

revised 12/10/15

Contact Uniform Director:   Mike Bower   email: