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GFRC Uniforms
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Technical Running Apparel

Short Sleeve Shirts - $30 

(Men's and Women's Styles) 

Singlets - $30

(Men's and Women's Styles) 

Winter Hats - $15

Long Sleeve Shirts - $35

(Men's and Women's Styles) 

Buy a shirt and look as good as these guys!

Busa Bushwack Running Gloves - $4

Running Cap - $15

"RUN WITH US" car stickers // one free to each member or $1 each additional //

"Busa Bushwhack Trail Race" car stickers // $1 each or free with a uniform purchase //

Temporary Tattoos - Get yours now 4 for $1
They will also be made available free to club members running in relay events and some grand prix races

Contact Uniform Director:  Mike Bower  email: