Al’s Mammoth Half Marathon

August 12, 2018

Al’s Mammoth Half Marathon is a trail half marathon that starts on the grounds of the abandoned Westborough State Hospital on Chauncy Lake. The race features 1000′ of elevation climb, narrow single track alongside corn fields, rock gardens aplenty, wooden bridges, and due to heavy rain this year, a water crossing. Did I mention the horse flies, bees, and zombies? Gun start, manual timing, and no bibs (just popsicle sticks). 41 runners in total, no age grade awards. Grand Prix points determined by age-grading-derived WAVA% value, which equates various distances efforts. PLEASE CHECK YOUR GP POINTS for accuracy.

Name Distance Time Age Age-Gd Time WAVA Points
John Joyce 13.1M 2:16:30 63.31 1:48:11 53.97 25
Eric Jacobsen 13.1M 2:34:00 46.79 2:21:51 41.16 22
Steve Galloway 13.1M 2:38:11 55.53 2:14:57 43.26 23
Jeff Hattem 13.1M 2:52:18 67.36 2:11:08 44.53 24
Debra Galloway 13.1M 3:12:40 58.55 2:32:07 42.86 25

WAVA% found in “WMA age-grading calculator” link at bottom of Grand Prix page on website.