Any October Half Marathon 2019 Results

Please send your results to and in the following format: race date, race name, location, your name, overall place/total, net time, pace and any age group placing. Please submit before the end of October for Grand Prix points. Results will be posted here and the GP points will be calculated at the end of the month once all results are in.

You may also submit your half portion of a marathon, use the shorter time of either (1) your official split time or (2) half of your marathon time.

10/20/19Baystate Marathon, LowellScott Pettingell1:35:45 Half
3:14:56 Full
10/20/19Newburyport HalfMark Goldschmidt1:44:287:58Overall 194/1213PR!
10/06/2019Smuttynose Half, Hampton BeachAbby McCabe1:46:238:08361
10/13/19Chicago MarathonMelissa Arnold1:55:27 Half
4:00:22 Full Marathon
10/26/19Cape Code HalfJohn Joyce1:55:378:49
10/13/19BAA Half, BostonKendra Howard1:56:028:41Overall 1961/6295
Age 44/248
10/26/19Cape Cod HalfVernon Turner2:08:409:53Overall 836 of 1476
415 of 568 Males
15 of 30 M60-64
10/13/19Chicago MarathonEsther Powell2:11:30 Half
4:50 Full Marathon
10/13/19Chicago MarathonJamie Burgoyne2:19:38 Half
4:42:31 Full Marathon
Bay StateHalf, BostonTony Siciliano2:20:15
10/13/19BAA Half, BostonMike Bower2:22:43Overall 4640/6295
Male 2448/3005
M60-64: 66/95
10/20/19Newburyport HalfKate Schneider2:36:3011:56Overall 1115/1213
10/13/19BAA Half, BostonSusin Carlson2:38:20Overall 5525/6295
Gender 2757/3290
Age 144/175
10/13/19BAA Half, BostonMike Carlson2:38:22