Reach Out and Run 5K

Saturday, August 26, 2023
Reach Out and Run 5K
Scott was first overall finisher
Age group win for Bob
Age group awards for Susin, Sue, Mary, John, Mike, Glenn

WOMEN – 5KTimeAge TimePoints
Susin Carlson, 5627:3423:0225
Sue Richardson, 6233:2726:0024
Esther Powell, 3928:4928:1223
Mary Tyler, 7651:2833:0022
MEN – 5KTimeAge TimePoints
Scott Pettingell, 4218:2617:1325
Bob Cargill, 6523:3518:2324
John Joyce, 6825:2619:1923
Mike Carlson, 5924:0119:4122
Glenn Meister, 6125:2620:3121
Vernon Turner, 6529:5423:1920
Rob Scherer, 6831:1423:4319